TROGLITE® LED Caving Lamp/ Mining Light ~ Cable Free

We've made improvements. ~ Now with brighter center LED, yet still giving the same long burn time!


3yr Warranty Available 5yr Warranty Available
Extended Warranty Available

  Package Contents:
  •  TROGLITE® Lamp
  •  AC Recharging Unit
  •  DC Recharging Unit

High quality personal helmet lighting for professional or amateur use.

Entirely self contained, no bulky battery pack on the back of your helmet or around your waist so no cable to snag!

The TROGLITE® is a simple lightweight compact lamp, proven to deliver in the most demanding environments.

Perfect for caves, mines, drains and sewers, railway, highway, security, expeditions.

Clips to standard helmet brackets, as well as clothing, pockets, belts etc or comfortably held in the hand.

Easy recharging at any time with either AC or DC.

The TROGLITE® delivers outstanding and reliable performance at a truly exceptional price.

Main Features:
  •  Sturdy-Construction for tough conditions - Anti-Static, Sealed, Explosion-Proof, Impact-Proof Shell, Durable.
  •  IP Rating IP68  - 100% Waterproof (Immersion test: 1hr at 3 metres).
  •  Centre LED or 6 Side LED's - Giving a long burn time of over 14hrs.
  •  Energy saving circuitry  - Long duration with constant brightness.
  •  Long-lived  - Powered by 'Safety' Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries.
  •  Use or Recharge at any time - No requirement to cycle batteries before use and cannot be overcharged.
  •  AC Recharge Unit AC~DC - AC Input 110-240V 50/60Hz
  •  DC Recharge Unit DC~DC - DC Input 12-24V
  •  Total Weight 142g  - Very light to wear.

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